Manual systems and personnel supervisions are no longer adequate to manage enterprise fraud. An integrated technological solution can only keep pace with the rapidly-flowing millions of banking transactions and still detect fraudulent transaction. Therefore, a holistic Fraud Risk Management solution is the need of the hour.



Fraud Risk Assessment & Controls Design

A digitized repository of fraud risks scenarios and key fraud indicators helps us to manage inherent risks within technology enabled business channels. Additionally, various controls including governance, policy and technology are designed based on priority of risks.

Fraud Risk Monitoring

Transaction monitoring and risk profiling based approach is utilized to determine real time fraudulent activities. The solution encompasses all delivery channels including net-banking, mobile banking, IVRS, call centre, ATM, commercial and retail electronic payments, deposit and also employees for insider frauds. The solution is built on a single integrated platform to provide a full 360 degree view of fraudulent transactions across the enterprise.

Forensics and Response

Post event services such as forensics and investigation support along with fraud analysis tools and experts are offered to uncover fraudulent activity. The case management workflow offers investigative intelligence to the organizations taking clues from the alerts generated by the risk monitoring solution. The forensic services can be offered as a remote service once the fraud risk monitoring solution has been implemented.

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